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'Always look on the bright side of life' – Monty Python

New Flash! My New Site is LIVE

Hey readers! 

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working on a new site for a while! It’s finally done and ready for the public eye! The content will be the same but it’s better organised for your ease of access to my blogs. If you only like the bookclub for example head over to the book club page whilst new features like a beauty page and a travel page will hopefully be enlightening and interesting to you! 

I’m so excited to share it with you and get feedback so be sure to use the comments section available at bottom of every page to share your thoughts with me! I’m always open to advice!

Lastly this site will remain live but I won’t be posting on it for a while. If anything goes wrong on the other site I will still have this one and I like re reading my old blogs… they are like a diary for me. Anyhows I’m checking out now…. meet me over on my new website! The address is:



Birthdays: Getting Older and Wiser

Hi Hi World,

As you might have guessed from the title of this post I grew another year older this week. So bearing that in mind, I thought I’d share a brain dump on my feelings this week.

First feeling was terror. I spent a good two weeks working up to my birthday, knowing it was coming, just fearing it. “I’m getting older, I don’t want to get older, that means I should get a man, get married and have some babies soon” – pretty much that was on replay through my brain as I contemplated how getting older means more responsibilities. Society says that the older you get, the more mature you should become, you should move out, become a homeowner (good luck in london), buy an ISA, understand finances (do they give lessons in that).

Next comes the self deprecation. “I’ve got fine lines around my eyes!” Wrinkles!” Instead of looking in the mirror you stare! You search for the signs that you really are getting older, you tear yourself apart telling yourself how awful you look now that you are almost a whole year older.

Finally you come to realise that you should be happy about a reason to celebrate try and forget why you are doing it and party like there is no tomorrow.


That’s what I think most people go through when their birthday is just around the corner. But here is what I think we should consider; it’s a new year of life, a clean slate, an opportunity! It’s like new years eve, a time where you can analyse yourself and decide to change.

I feel like so many people only focus on the negatives. I listened to a podcast recently, (one of my new favourite things) which said something really interesting. At a one year olds’ birthday party, everyone is celebrating! It’s joy and enthusiasm for what life may bring to this little bundle of joy. But as we get older the fun and love for life lessens and we lose that sense of happiness when we celebrate another year of life, commiserating instead on all the things we haven’t achieved yet, comparing ourselves to others and putting ourselves down.

My new age resolution is to focus more on me. To do things that I enjoy and to treat myself better. Whether that means eating healthier (god knows I need to start cutting down on junk) or trying to exercise more (another goal of mine for the past, who knows how long…) to simpler things like taking the time to care for my skin, every day, twice a day or taking the time to stop and drink more water at work, to take my breaks at work. Basically to look after myself, because if I don’t, who else is going to.

Let me know what your new age resolution is in the comments below. And remember, it doesn’t need to be new years eve, or even a birthday. Tomorrow is Monday, the start of a new week… so, what’s your Monday Resolution? Let me know in the comments… let’s start a conversation!


Confessions of a Bookworm

Hey readers. It’s been a while. Skipping the boring apology for being ‘off the grid’ I’m jumping straight into what this post is all about. My love for reading.

Today, Saturday, best day of the week. It’s my down time to catch up on sleep, actually see and speak to my parents and read read read read read. Today I devoured one of the books I picked out from the Zoella Bookclub. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you’ll know that last summer Zoella released a bookclub with WHSmith. This year she released a Zoella bookclub &Friends which is just as good if not better! I was so excited when she announced it was back and picked a few books out when I was in Smiths a few weeks ago. Today I finished Beautiful Broken Things (by Sara Barnard and featured in last years Bookclub) and picked up on of the new books I chose, I started Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer. 

I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down.

Normally I’d wait until I have read a few good books and put them in a bookclub for you, but this one inspired me to write. Oh boy. It is the kind of book that you get lost in. That tugs at your heart strings, makes you laugh, makes you cry. That you don’t want to put down for anything, not eating, drinking or bathroom breaks. The kind of read that consumes you until you raise your eyes with a deep breath as you turn the final page and wish that it carried on a while more. 

I started and finished it and loved it beginning to end. 

That is what I love and have always loved about reading, getting lost in a world that isn’t your own. I remember when I was younger, a little version of me, that had a special cost corner of my room between my bed and the bedroom door. I’d curl into the carpet with a pillow to lean against and I’d dive into the pages of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree, or the Famous Five or the Secret seven and imagine I was in those stories. I’d laugh and gasp in all the right places, the movie real of my imagination bringing it to life. It was easier then, when life was school, a half hour of homework and then an endless evening of reading. I used to go through so many books using up half my mums library ticket space as well, as my own, with books to keep me entertained till our next visit. Libraries are such a calming place, like bookshops, whispering stories to you from far flung places, entincing you into their pages behind their covers.

I still love that feeling, for some people in adulthood their escapism is to drink, smoke or drown themselves in work to avoid real life problems. For me it’s sinking my teeth into a great read, it doesn’t have to be something all hearts and flowers, happy and light. It just needs to carry you away into another world. 

I always say, a book can only be great if it makes you feel something real, if it makes you smile, laugh or cry, or if it shakes you to your foundations. Letters to the Lost did just that. It shook me to my core. It’s characters had real life problems, with real life communication difficulties. It tackled some tough issues in a practical way and made me feel! It opened my eyes about judgement, and if I’m honest, how to deal with loss. 

I’m not going to breakdown the plot here, I’ll save it for the bookclub that will follow, in case I’ve inspired you to pick up a copy and you don’t want any spoilers. 

I just want you to know that I love books. It’s not a big dark secret or anything, but it’s a big part of me. I don’t get the time I’d like to read anymore. Life gets in the way. But as someone inspiring says ‘Do more of what makes you happy!’ – Alfie Deyes. Reading makes me happy, I’m trying to do more of it. 

Let me know what makes you happy, and if you’re a fellow bookworm. Share me some of your favourite reads in the comments! 


Ed Sheeran Live

Ok no beating around the bush on this one. I went to see Ed Sheeran Live in concert at the O2! You can take a moment to contain your jealousy before you continue reading.

First off it’s not the first time I’ve seen him live. I went to see him at the multiply tour and he blew my mind! At the time I was much more into the plus album but there were a few songs on the multiply album that I was loving so me and my concert buddy heading along, queuing for ages to get a good standing spot. His artistry was unparalleled. And had never seen before and have not since seen such artistry as his that night! 

Last night he blew the roof off the O2. One man and his guitar, building music before your eyes as he layers up the beats and then blasts out a song you love and the whole arena sings along with him! Opening with Castle on the Hill the whole room was amped up, he moved onto eraser and then into The A Team! That is such a turn around into his original work but wow I love it so much! From there he kept us on our toes with an insanely good mashup of Feeling Good with I See Fire and I know I keep saying it, but it blew my mind! His creativity is unbelievable! Other highlights included Lego House, Thinking Out Loud and Galway Girl. He also performed an incredible rendition of Nancy Mulligan with Beoga bringing the Irish themes out in full! 

Wrapping up with some of his biggest hits it was a night that I will remember for a long time!!!! 
Since the show I’ve been saddened to see people all over the twitter sphere and the media bashing his performance at Glastonbury! People saying he was playing to a backing track and completely missing the awe of his style! A one man band! A musical genius! Well their loss! All I can say is ThankYou Ed for making my life just a little bit sweeter for bringing your music into it! 


My Top 10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Ok ok Readers roll up, roll up for the greatest advice you will ever read!

Fathers Day. One of the most difficult days of gifting ever! Harder than the dad’s Birthday I find! But Fathers Day depending on the Father is a day that might not require as much celebration! So here are my tips for finding the perfect Fathers Day gift.

1) A classic dads gift for a reason, Aftershave. The perfect scent doesn’t have to cost Some ideas might be Nino Cerruti 1881 Homme or Paco Rabanne pour Homme. Or if you want something more high end there are some great scents from Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein.

2) If your Dad is a suit and tie kind of guy, your gift problem might be sorted right there. Ties and Cufflinks make great gifts. From the jokes ones to the sentimental you can find ties and cufflinks for anyone if you know where to look. For high end try Harvey Nichols, they have a great selection of cufflinks or from someone more on a budget you can get some lovely personalised or dad themed or classic cufflinks from high street stores like argos.

3) For the personal touch you could get a Photoframe, decorate it how you like with things you love to do with your dad and put a picture of the both of you inside. This is a more time consuming effort but the love behind the creativity (even if it end up a disaster) will show, and he’ll love it!

4) Speaking of personalised gifts you could get the classic best dad mug, or some variation. The king of cheesy gifts the best dad mug, but if your dad is a coffee aficionado you could pair this with some great coffee grounds or nespresso pods in his favourite flavour so bring some class.

5) For other personalised gifts you could go with the key ring, mouse mat or calendar efforts which can all be found online on sites like and both of which i have used before and can vouch for the reliability although for engraved items the arrival time can be a while.

6) The I.O.U. Ok hear me out. Bearing in mind i’m posting this just a couple of days before Fathers Day I realise if you are searching the net for answers a lot of these ideas might take some time to arrive in the post if you can’t get them in store. You can solve this little issue with a little I.O.U. I’m not talking about a scrap of paper that says hey dad I Owe You 1 Fathers Day Gift. I’m talking about taking 10 minutes to write on a nice piece of card Your Present Is In the Post but for Right Now Here Is A Hug and Lots of Love! Or something of the sort, use your imagination. Alternatively you can write a little Winning Ticket saying ‘You are entitled to one trip out, to a destination of your choice, free of charge’ or ‘You have won a meal at the restaurant of your choice with 3 courses included!’ Oh that should have been number 7!

8) If you know your Dad’s style there is always the Clothes option. A nice shirt, t-shirt or selection of accessories including the Man-Bag can make ideal gifts, and if they hate it they can always return it just leave on the labels!

9) Wine and Dine. Mentioned briefly above, a lot of Dad’s (and Mum’s) might not want the extra clutter of nick-nacks however sentimental added to the growing collection of stuff in the house. So this is a great alternative. Mealtime is family time right! So do it is style at your dad’s favourite restaurant with family around showering him with love. All men love food so it’s a win win.

10) Whiskey and Cigars. Whilst I do not condone acoholism or smoking, both are extremely bad for your health, most Dad’s do enjoy a little of one or the other or both. So if that’s the case with your dad buying him a nice bottle of his preferred beverage or a nice cigar might be the perfect gift him so I couldn’t leave it out.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you used any of my ideas and if they went down well! Add in your ideas in the comments section too!

Happy Fathers Day.


Book Club for One, Book Club for All

No excuses, this blog should have been up ages ago but here we go.

I Was Here by Gayle Forman was a thought provoking read. The story follows 18 year old Cody through the traumatic months following her best friends suicide. Cody teams up with Megs college friends as she tries to figure out how it has happened. She is convinced that someone must be to blame. Cody discovers that Meg was conversing in an online chat room which encourages people to suicide. Cody makes it her mission to track down the individual who led Meg to her death. The story is tragic but exceptionally well written. With the feelings of pain and love and loyalty perfectly presented. It takes you through the stages of grief  walking with Cody as the best friend of the girl who died. It made my heart clench and break with Cody as she discovered she didn’t know as much as she thought about the person she called the better half of me.

Definitely worth the read!

Next up is Finding Audrey  by Sophie Kinsella. Sophie is an author I have long known and loved. Her books always take me away with them and I get carried into the lives of her characters. Finding Audrey is no different. Audrey is a frightened 14 year old girl, too frightened to talk to strangers, too frightened to go outside and definitely too frightened to look at the world without her dark glasses. So when her brother’s computer gaming friend takes a liking to her the passing of notes opens her up to a new way of tackling her anxiety disorder. She works with him and her family and her therapist to try and overcome her social anxieties and the story takes us on her journey. Whether or not she makes it across the finish line I’ll leave you to find out for yourselves. It’s a great read, insightful and romantic in balance with humour and real life problems. I loved it. Thank you Ms Kinsella for another fabulous book.

The last book in this long awaited book club is Jennifer Nivens’ All the Bright Places. Now I read this book a looong time before I saw it was in Zoe’s Book Club with WHSmith. I completely fell into the story and I loved the chemistry between our characters; Violet and Finch. They have both suffered a tragedy, both want to end their lives. They meet trying to do just that. on the edge of the bell tower at their school both hesitating before the act. It brings them together and they join each other in a journey trying to find light in their worlds. It’s a journey that is full of ups and downs, full of insight and romance and… I can’t say anymore without giving away the plot. So go and read and tell me what you thought in the comments!

Until Next Time.


How One Person can Change your Day

Hey readers. As many of you know, I’m a nurse. I’ve been working in the NHS in the U.K. For around 5years now (that’s including my training get time). During this time I’ve had some incredible moments with patients, from holding the hands of patients as they pass, so that they are not alone to seeing true love that has lasted the ages. But this post is telling a story of a woman whose story brought me to tears, of joy and sorrow.

First to know is that this lovely elderly lady is 91years young. She has a smile that lights up the room and a head of thick silver hair. Her eyes are a beautiful brown although glassy and don’t focus, as this lovely lady is blind.

When I first introduced myself to her she made the usual comment about my name, “Oh, Coco Chanel!” She smiled and laughed. I asked her how she was and explained what we were there to do. She thanked us and then joking asked if we could fix her vision too. Some of you might think that’s a crass joke, but the way I see it is that it’s just proof of the the survivor in her. Anyone who can joke about their loss of vision or any other personal tragedy is to be admired, they are incredibly strong and resilient.

She was quiet for a moment and then said quietly, “I wish I could just be on stage once more.” So I asked what she used to do, she told me she used to sing. Not professionally but she used to be asked to sing on stage. She told me how once she went out with her husband to a live music bar. There was a group of five singers on stage with a pianist singing their hearts out but you could barely hear them over the clamour. She was upset for them and when the manager asked her to go on stage she said no, she was out with her husband, she didn’t want to sing, and not there because if there were five fabulous singers on stage and no one was listening who would listen to her. Her husband pushed her to go up and sing, and she was annoyed with him because now she could see that was why he had brought her there. So under duress she went up on the stage, went over to the pianist and asked him could he play Eidelweiss, but he had to follow her lead. He replied that she would be surprised and she had laughed and started to sing, oh so softly. After a few lines she said you could have heard a pin drop. “Holy hell, they like me” she said that she had thought and she had begun to sing louder and louder building up to a big finale. With a round of applause she began to sing what she said later became her pièce de la résistance… climb every mountain. I told her how amazing it was that she could share her voice with all those people and give them that moment of magic. She replied that she wished she could sing for her friends at the club she attends now, but she hasn’t the breath for it. Then she laughed, “I wouldn’t before, but they don’t get out much anymore, so it won’t matter if I’m not amazing, they’ll still enjoy it.” I said that I was sure she still could sing if she wanted, so she tried.

I held my breath as she started to sing the first lines of climb every mountain. Her voice waivered but she sang. And wow. Her voice. Yes it can’t have been what it was, but it was a beautiful thing to witness. She made it through the first verse, took. A deep breath and changed the key and carried on. And when she made it to the last line with the notes up in the rafters that I can’t even reach she stopped and laughed and waved her hand and said “it’s up there somewhere, up high.” We gave her a small round of applause and I tell you it was incredible, it brought me to tears. She had even impressed herself, “I haven’t sung that in so long, I didn’t think I’d make it through it.” It was inspiring, and yes that moment, just a couple of minutes long, made my day.

Let me know if anything changed your day around today.


Makeup Binging

So for those of you teen beauty queens this post will not be something you relate to! For those of you who grew up without makeup and fancy beauty products or any beauty products like me, you might get what I’m talking about.

So as a nineties baby in a working class family, with parents who have strict morals I didn’t grow up having makeup. The closest I got was the cheap eyeshadow and sickly pink lip gloss you get out of magazines for kids that I started purchasing in high school feeling the need to catch up with my lost childhood. Star Girl and Top of the Pops magazine became my guilty pleasure as I purged them of their freebies and music/TV related posters that I proceeded to paste all over my bedroom walls. To give you some context this was me at 14 and 15. Not 10.

When I hit about 15 or 16 my sister started to supply me with make up. Her old mascara, eye shadows that she didn’t like or want anymore and soon I had built up a fair amount of make up that I had no idea how to apply.

And so 8 years later I’m still learning. With my main teachers being youtube guru’s like Zoe Sugg, AKA Zoella, Tanya Burr, Katerina Williams and many many more…

So now that I’m finally honing my skill I’ve taken to regular binges buying makeup products from everywhere and anywhere. My favourite high street store is definitely Superdrug as the prices are great, there are regular offers and I get to dip into loads of different make up styles without breaking the bank. I also like browsing the high end makeup counters like Charlotte Tilbury, M.A.C, Nars and many more but committing to that kind of purchase is a big deal for me, I have to know I love the product. My Birchbox subscription is another way I love finding new products.

I’ll try posting a few beauty posts and see how it goes. Maybe y’all can learn along with me. Let me know in the comments where you like to browse for new products, make-up, skincare or other beauty related items.


What to do alone in London???

Hey all, and a merry merry Tuesday to you.

I have a puzzle for you, a conundrum, a mystery that I need help solving.

Today a friend and colleague  asked me a very interesting question… Do you have any ideas on what I can do in London?

Ok I thought, first off is this a solo outing or in a group, and second are we thinking touristy stuff or fun and frivolous? His response was that it was a solo outing and he wanted something fun.

Yeesh, did he come to the wrong person. As an anti-social individual and an introvert, my personal enjoyment in London is not what most would consider fun. I mean wandering round with my camera, following my arrow, as Kacey Musgraves likes to put it isn’t what most would jump up and down to spend a day doing. So I sent my little grey cells to work. Covent Garden! Ace there is one idea! It’s idyllic, quaint and quirky with a dash of class in the upmarket revenue. And with Jubilee Market on hand a rummage through some old books and nick-knacks can provide hours of fun.

But more ideas elude me. So I turned to google. A quick search later and I found this article…

Baffled… that was my reaction, aside from going to the cinema, all the activities advise joining group or attending group events. I mean adopting a dog for the day might seem like fun but it doesn’t really solve the what to do in London question.

So seeing that m

Honesty is the best policy…

Hey there interweb…

So I’ve been out of the blogging zone for a while now. Whilst I’d like to say that being swept up by love and romance was the cause its more the opposite. The last few posts I published were about a boy, so here’s what happened after that.

We went on a couple of dates and although I was having a great time and thought things were going swimmingly, he obviously didn’t feel the same as he sent me a polite but blunt text saying I wasn’t what he was looking for, but in short ‘have a nice life’. Ouch. I’m not one to break down in a messy puddle of emotions after two dates so although it always hurts, I brushed myself off and carried on with life.

Believe it or not, I wrote out a couple of posts by hand over the week after that, not sappy break up posts either, I was travelling the world and gosh it was beautiful! Two sunny, splendid weeks in Croatia! …… where I met a boy.

Haha, here we go again. Well to me he was a lovely guy, who had the potential for something but whoever starts a relationship in another country is crazy! It just so happened we both hailed from London Town so I thought maybe back home. Unfortunately he was looking for more, so whilst I was being friendly he was assessing the relationship potential and found me lacking. His words being “you just don’t keep me in the moment enough” – whatever that means. That one hurt more.

So here I am back to reality (oops there goes gravity), and I didn’t know how to talk about it. I’m 23, I really don’t need to be whinging and whining about a boy so I. So do I ignore it, pretend it never happened, I mean nothing major did happen so really I could have done that. But for me, the experience has changed me as a person, so ultimately I decided to put it out there. Honesty right.

Have any of you ever had something you felt ashamed to talk about, even to admit to yourself. Liking the wrong person or having done something that you knew was wrong but did anyway (even something silly like eating that second doughnut.) Share down in the comments, maybe we can all get a little honest with ourselves and dump some of that stress.

This post has sure made me feel better.


Bentley Brilliance

I love people watching. I may have mentioned that before, but today I took great pleasure in sitting down on a bench, beside an epic ancient Bentley and observing people’s reactions. 

People are so interesting, from those who walked past it without a second glance, to those slowing down whilst driving past to get a better look. Then there were those who crossed the road to utter their admiration. Others chose to stand in the road risking getting run over to get that perfect insta! Some of my favourites were the man who leaned out the side of his van to turn and take a photo whilst his partner drove on, and the lady who walked passed did a full on double take, came back and uttered a drawn out ‘wow’. Other worthy mentions were the employee of budgens who exited the shop three times to take photos, his colleague who leaned proudly against the bodywork posing for the camera. And lastly, the little boy of no more than 4 who walked past with his little head twisted the wrong way for as long as he could, his little jaw open in a perfect O of awe. 

Better than any celebrity, people flocked out of nearby cafes and shops to take a photo of it standing proudly at the pavements edge. Groups clustered around admiring the gleam and shine of the fender and the perfect paintwork. They oh’ed and ah’ed pacing back and forth infront of it, admiring it from every angle. In a day and age where the thing people find most interesting is their mobile phone it was nice to find something that distracted people long enough to make them smile and appreciate a thing of beauty. 

So I’ll finish this off with a note of thanks to the owner of this fine vehicle for sharing it with the world, they gave a moment of happiness to an innumerable amount of people. So Thank You for driving this fine example of mechanical engineering instead of keeping it locked up in a garage for only your own viewing pleasure. 


Taking a Chance – I Met a Guy

Ah the joy of that first encounter with a member of the opposite sex, the awkward introductions and then the slow venture into relaxation and jokes and general conversation…

I recently met a guy, our initial introduction was at a party via mutual friends and we talked the night away, so naturally I was interested in finding out a bit more about him. Here comes the tricky part, sort of. It’s easy enough to cyberstalk anyone these days and find out a little bit about a person but I’m not that creepy. Also his Facebook looks desperately out of use or else the privacy setting are super charged. But honestly I wanted to talk to him and get to know what he was like, so here comes the tricky part, how the heck do you do that, when you are me.

Personally I’m sick of waiting for the guy to ask me out, it’s been something that’s been engrained in me since I was kid, in all the movies and books and stories the guy asks the girl out, or comes over and guys her a drink or calls her, or gives her his number. Yes I can head you all screaming how that’s not true, and listing all the examples of the girls taking charge, but in truth in the majority of cases the guy is seen to be in charge. Having that idea in my head I’ve always waited. I mean there are other reasons, like not wanting to get my heart broken, worrying whether it’s one sided and so on. This is why I’ve reached 23 having been single all my life and I’m sick of it. 

So I took charge, I asked him out. 

He said yes.


Sushi Mania and a Night of Laughs!

One of the hardest things to do, I find, is to order sushi over the phone. The longer the order the more complex the task becomes, especially when you are a posh sod like me who has to go off menu. Our local sushi place makes great sushi and when I go there with my best friend we just need to say two and two indicating two rolls each of our usual and that is our order placed, over the phone it becomes a harrowing experience of stating the order, being told that’s not on the menu, explaining about allergies and finally having to rerelease the order three times when they write it down wrong. The sushi, when we got it was fabulous though. And so onto the reasons behind the takeout order, TICKETS TO RUSSELL HOWARD! 

It was a night of laughter, tears and stitches as we were doubled over laughing about politics, television and everything in between. Russell sure has a way of reaching every member of the audience. He is equally mocking and sincere with a comical take on life. Of course naughty humour played its part and Russell had us crying with laughter! My favourite thing about Russell though is his genuine love from the NHS and all the work we do. It’s so important to get out of your head sometimes and just laugh! Cliche though it may be, laughter really is the best medicine. So with a great round off of “God Save Our NHS, it Really Is the Best” Russell closed the show to a huge round of ajppluase as we raised the rooof of the Royal Albert Hall. 

It was a super fun night, and I’d definitely recommend getting tickets if you haven’t already! 

Russell Howard’s Round the World Tour!


February Beaching

Beaches! In February! I hear you exclaim. Well, yes. Yesterday I hopped a train and took a trip to Brighton! And what a good idea it was. 

Whilst normally I would agree with you all that in England, the beach isn’t great at the best of times and the weather is often shoddy and unpredictable. This time I beg to differ and accept the icy ocean winds, the pale grey skies and the pebbley beach in equal trade for a joyful day at the seaside. For the seaside it still is, despite the lack of sand and sun. 

We arrived rather late as we didnt want to spend a fortune on the tickets but headed down the Main Street and detoured down the back streets taking in some of the quaint and vintage stores that line the lanes. Always heading in the general direction of the seafront we passed around the Royal Dome, the back of the pavilion and finally the sea was dead ahead. 

There is nothing like being at the seaside. That feeling of weightlessness, looking toward the horizon and it seems like it goes on forever… I love that feeling. That feeling was the reason for going. As we headed into the pier (I’ve never been and neither has my mum) a group of school kids gathered around us, they were on a geography trip and had a questionnaire on tourism to ask us. Bless. Although I wish I had been sent to the beach for school, we got sent to the middle of nowhere, a forest in Rickmansworth… 

The pier is admittedly pretty cool. There are a few little stands selling jewellery, food and snacks and such. More frequent were the arcade games lining the sheltered areas and the arcade itself in the centre of the pier with the most 2p machines I’ve ever seen! We found a few coins in one of the slot bins so played a few rounds without wasting any money! It was packed with people avoiding the cold! At the end of the pier for those of you who have never been is a little fun fair, a few rollercoasters, a haunted house, soft play, a trampoline park and games like tin cans, bumper cars etc. It’s an old school fair ground, you win tickets and tokens and stuffed toys, it’s pure unadulterated fun.

We ate our lunch sitting on the pier gazing out to sea, watching the waves crash upon the shore. All whilst slowly losing sensation in our fingers and toes, truly, there was a bitterly cold wind. The sun tried very hard to break through as we walked back towards the Lanes. We popped into the Royal Albion Hotel on the seafront for a spot of tea before heading to the Royal Pavilion, a must-see on many many tourist lists of what to do in Brighton. 

The Pavilion was spectacular, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It’s a grand illusion on a magnificent scale. I don’t want to give you a history lesson but it was built for King George IV as a pleasure palace. The King a big fan of illusions had many intricately built into the Pavilion for his own and his guests enjoyment. The most obvious and largest illusion is the building itself, on the outside it appears to be in the Indian theme with domed roofs, arched windows and intricate stonework patterns. Once you step inside you see that it is not India that has inspired the decor but China! Dragons deck the walls in great motifs, Jade is dominating the wall paper. In the banqueting hall it is resplendent with a great silver dragon over 30ft in size holding a huge chandelier with a mirrored star at the top beneath the beasts claws! It is a jaw-dropping room and together with the music room made the visit most worthwhile! It was interesting to learn the history of Brighton, something I’ve not known much about before.

When we were done we headed through the Lanes. Winding through the little alleys you never know what you are going to find around the next corner. We found DumDum Doughnuts but they had sold out, not that I could have eaten them anyway. We did go into ChoccyWoccyDooDah which had the ultimate Easter display! Very cool chocolate shop, people can have their hen party there or a tea party in the exclusive rooms upstairs, and there is a little cafe where you can order all things good and chocolaty. Unfortunately most of the shops were shut since we spent longer than anticipated at the Pavilion. 

I think I’ve rambled on long enough now. All in all it was a brilliant day at the seaside and a fun day in Brighton! I’ll be back soon I’m sure.


Hearts and Flowers

Dearest readers. I haven’t had such an enjoyable day in so long that I simply have to share it with you! 

It’s been a day of intellectual challenge and development. A day of culture and beauty and a day to spend with my one and only Mum.

And off we go… Uni! It was tough and tricky and testing (like my use of alliteration there, if only I was studying English…) The human heart is so tough to understand sometimes, but this weeks work on AV blocks (something that breaks conduction from the top of the heart to the apex) is something I had some sort of grasp on already so whilst the mechanisms made my head hurt I kind of got it #fistpump

After class I headed over Waterloo Bridge, trying my very best to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment. The view is so spectacular on a clear day. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the Eye…I broke my break from coffee by purchasing a very fine cup from a Cafe Nero and headed towards Covent Garden to eat a picnic lunch! #sunshine

Oh boy I love Covent Garden! But I couldn’t stay forever, I had plans. So after browsing through the stalls I walked off towards Trafalgar Square. 

What a view. When you live in london I don’t think we appreciate how amazing of a city we live in. Nelsons column standing tall, there are so many people watching opportunities, people from all over come to see the square and snap a selfie with the lions. My main reason for the visit is the grand National Gallery that is situated at one end of the square. It houses some of the greats and after meeting up with mum we ventured inside and spent the afternoon with Monet, Renoir, Degas and Boticelli just to mention a few! There was an amazing new exhibit on loan from Hong Kong with the most amazing paintings of flowers I have ever seen! They looked so real! It was wonderful. Just time for a quick coffee with ma, before heading back home.

Nothing quite like it. Hope you all had a productive Monday!


Motivational Mondays!

It’s been a while dear readers! Your book club for one should be up later this week! For the first time it isn’t late cause I haven’t finished reading the books yet! I couldn’t put them down and finished reading weeks ago, in fact I’m making good headway on the next book club! But work commitment have meant no time to blog so I went MIA. Bad Blogger! 

Onto today’s motto! Motivational Monday! 

Ok so that’s always easier when Monday starts a week of holiday… #bigsmiles but every Monday is the start of a new week! A clean slate and an opportunity to be fabulous daaarlings! So whether your Monday starts a new week of school, a new week of work or a new week of shopping, holiday or anything else. Be sure to give it your best effort to make it a brilliant week! Work hard at whatever you do and don’t let anything. Get you down! 

And if your having a hard time feeling positive on this glorious Monday morning get on a great jam! Here are some suggestions:

Best day of my life – American Authors

Bring the House Down -S Club 7 (this one courtesy of Zoella) 

Work from Home – FifthHarmony

Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Roar – Katy Perry

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Walk This Way – Sugababes/Girls Aloud collaboration

Hey Ya – Outkast 

Brave – Sara Bareilles

From my Motivational Monday to you all! 


My Top Reads of 2016

In a year where nothing much good happened, at least I took solace and read a few good books that I’d love to share with you.

It’s a shame I didn’t think of this blog earlier in the year as it seems that many of the great books I’ve read I’ve neglected to remember the titles of. So we’ll keep it to a short and sweet, Top 10.

Now disclaimer time. These books may not have been released in 2016, they may have been published ages ago. But these are books that I have read this year and books that I loved. There, done, now let’s get on with the show!

Number 10. Alexandra Potter’s Calling Romeo

Calling Romeo was a light romance following our heroine Juliet as she struggles with her long-term boyfriend Will who is more focused on his upstart landscaping business than her. When he stands her up on Valentines Day that’s the last straw Juliet finds herself swaying, and then tumbling head of heels in a whirlwind romance with an adonis who is far from perfect for her. Whilst he may look like a greek god, Sykes is her rival in pitch to land a big account for her company. Juliet is torn, are she and Sykes the star-crossed lovers of a shakespearian tale or will this story end in tragedy.

Rating: 3 Stars

Number 9: InkHeart by Cornelia Funke

This fantasy story takes you to another world. A world of books and stories and brilliant villains where a little girl just wants to find her father. I loved the storytelling and the depth of character, Meggie, just a child but she is so fierce inside and learns not only to trust in herself but she finds out the truth about her past and why reading aloud is forbidden. It’s a heartwrenching story and the first of three. The one negative would be that it does go on. It’s a hefty ol’ book and for some may be quite difficult to read.

Rating: 2 Stars

Number 8: Heat Rises by Richard Castle

This is the third book in the series by Richard Castle. Now for those of you who don’t know Castle is a TV series on ABC which focuses around police detective and a crime thriller author- Richard Castle. In the TV series Richard uses his time working with Kate in NYPD to find inspiration for his books. The books he writes in the show have now been written and published under his fictitious name Richard Castle. The book Heat Rises follows the pair of them, Richard and Nicki Heat (AKA Kate Beckett) as they solve the murder of a parish priest in a bondage club in NYC. It’s a well written, well thought out plot. It keeps you guessing and it tips its hat to the show which is nice. Even if you don’t know the show you’ll love this read if you like crime fiction. But check out the show to learn more about the relationship between Richard and Nicki (Kate).

Rating: 4 Stars

Number 7: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

This is a thought-provoking psychological insight into the mind of a teenage boy and a teenage girl who both end up on the top of the school bell tower, contemplating ending their lives. Theodore Finch and Violet Markey, find themselves thrown together and it is unsure who saves who but they bond in that moment and begin to live their lives together. As the story progresses, however, it is clear that while Violet’s world is expanding into the light, Finch’s is becoming darker and dimmer and it’s up to Violet to try to pull him back into the sunshine. I found this book so moving, an absolute tear-jerker and as I’ve said before any book that makes you feel something strong is a fab one.

Rating: 5 Stars

Number 6: Melissa Hill’s The Guest List

I recently reviewed this book in the Book Club for one, so I’ll keep it brief here. This book  is a light-hearted romance, an easy read with plenty of twists to keep it exciting. I love the message of the book to stick to your beliefs and that sometimes you have to focus on yourself instead of trying to please all the people around you. I really good book which I’d definitely recommend.

Rating: 4 Stars

Number 5: Dan Brown’s Inferno

This is another book I reviewed a while back. This adventure, thriller novel tracts our favourite symbologist through the city of Florence as he races against the clock to save the world again! Brilliantly written, with insight and depth into the world of Dante and his ideology of the levels of hell!

Rating: 4 Stars

Number 4: Pictures of Lily by Paige Toon

Oh boy, this was a good read! Sitting firmly in the chic lit category this story is something I dream about. A teenage girl gets moved to Australia with her Mum who has once again fallen in love. Mum seems to be a carefree, wild and reckless character who has been in and out of marriage several times. Lily as an adult looks back on the events of her childhood and wonders where the life in her went. She used to be passionate, love photography and animals, now her life is just life, just living. The transition of Lily from where she is at the start of the book to the end is heart warming, as we read, she learns to love again.

Rating: 5 Stars

Number 3: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J K Rowling

A mildly controversial script. J.K’s first script. Whilst many people believe that J.K should have stuck with 7 books in the series and left it at that, there are many HP fans who were overjoyed to be plunged back in the the magical world of Harry Potter. That said this book doesn’t focus on Harry himself, rather on his son, Albus. A rebel, tearaway, wild child Albus goes on a journey, learning that it’s okay to be different. Once again love conquers all as Harry’s love for his son finally shines through, although it takes a while for him to get to show it. A new villain who is also an old villain make the story darker and more sinister than ever before. Prepare for a read that you just can’t tear your eyes away from, prepare for danger like never before. Prepare for a journey through time and space fit for The Doctor and a Side Kick or two!

I loved this read, although a part of me hurt seeing Harry in such a dark light… but an absolute MUST to read! Get reading!

Rating: 5 Stars


Number 2: Melissa Hill’s A Gift to Remember

Ah. This book had me from the get go. The relatable Darcy who is me, but prettier, falls (literally,) head over heels for our handsome hero Aidan! While Darcy develops this fantastical idea of who he is and where he comes from Aidan lies comatose in hospital. The story is funny, romantic and absolutely lovable. See my recent book club reviews for a full review but love love LOVE this book!

Rating: 5 Stars

Number 1: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J K Rowling

Ahhhhhh. Wow. This was JK’s first ever screenplay and what a way to start. With the first of five (rumoured) films this is a story that sends us into the much loved world of magic, muggles and this time magical beasts.

Set in the wonderful city of New York we meet Newt Scamander. A wizard, a lover of knowledge and magical creatures. He tumbles into trouble when some of his creatures escape their homes in his suitcase (a muggle proof suitcase, i might add), and run rampaging through New York. With a crisis already brewing, Newt falls suspect to the American Ministry of Magic known as MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America). Teaming up with an auror, her sister and a no-maj (American term for Muggle), Newt attempts to rescue his creatures and save a child. No more spoilers here. But definitely a splendid read, enticing and fantasmagorical and wonderful and magical etc etc etc.

Rating: 5 Stars.

Hope you enjoyed my Top Reads of 2016. Comment below with some of your favourites and your thoughts on some of my favourite reads!


Book Club for One…. We’re BACK!

Hey Bookworms. Welcome back to Book Club for One!

It’s been a while as it’s taken me an age and a day to finish my allotted books for this review. It comes from a busy work life and no playtime, so quiet time for reading is minimal. But finally I have finished my random selection of Melissa Hill and I have to say I LOVE HER BOOKS!

So I promised a random selection and I grabbed everything off the shelf in the library by her! Found out when I got home and read the blurbs properly that the third book was a sequel and neither of the other two was the first book so here are my reviews of: A Gift to Remember and The Guest List.

A gift to remember was an absolute page-turner. I loved the characters; Darcy and Aidan (love for anything Austen remember), the setting; Manhattan (one of my favourite places)and the plot; an enchanting romance after a chance encounter with a fabulous twist. Darcy is a loveable character, a bookworm herself and hardheaded, so stubborn. She loves romance and is dreaming of her Mr Right, her very own Mr Darcy like in her favourite novels. That’s when a little ice, a dog and fate entwine her life with Aidan Harris. Whilst he is unconscious for the vast majority of the book Darcy’s takes the clues she has to try and figure out who her mystery man really is. A wonderful read, I really couldn’t put it down.

The second book I read was The Guest List. Ah, with the bar set so high from A Gift to Remember, I wasn’t sure this book would live up to the standard. However Melissa Hill once again created relatable characters with a gallon or two of family drama. This story, revolves around a couple in Ireland, Shane and Cara. Our romantic are very much in love and when Shane finally proposes (it’s very romantic) Cara of course says yes. But this is where the trouble starts, it feels as though every possible obstacle has befallen them, both sides of the family are angry at their plans to have a small wedding on a beautiful island in the Caribbean. With such upheaval and distress will our happy couple get their dream wedding??? Well of course I can’t tell you that, no spoilers, remember. But I can tell you this, there is a FABULOUS unexpected twist at the end that will have you screaming and your jaw on the floor.

In conclusion, Melissa Hill surely knows how to tell as story, she draws pictures in my mind as I’m reading and makes me fall into the story head first. Definitely up there with my favourite books of 2016.

Speak of which I’ll be posting a best reads of 2016 in the next week or so, and a new blog of my favourite things this month.

Anyhow, I’d recommend these reads to anyone who likes a little romance and light literature. Something to tug at the heart strings…

Next book club selection, will include a couple of Zoella’s Book Club picks: I Was Here by Gayle Forman and Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella and one of my one in the same theme All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (that one also made by top books of 2016, just by the by).

Please comment below any books suggestions for book club that you’d like me to review.

Hope you are all having a super weekend.


Back to School

Hey all, a couple of crazy things happened today that I would like to share with you! 

Firstly as the title suggests I WENT BACK TO SCHOOL! Now if we are being pedantic I am back at uni but it’s still so exciting! 

I have been wanted to take a course for ages and finally got the funding to do so. Today I rocked up at Kings College London and enrolled, got my ID and attended my first class; a transition lecture to postgraduate education! I mainly decided to attend this as I have never been to Kings before (yeah, they rejected my application for my undergrad degree!) so I thought it would be smart to learn the lay of the land.

What I learnt is this: 

  • King’s is situated right next to Somerset House, more importantly the ice skating at Somerset House is still open! [Note to self: go ice skating at Somerset House!]
  • King’s is on the Strand which has a bunch of shops for me to entertain myself at (when I’m not in class, of course) 
  • Kings is just a 5 minute walk away from Covent Garden! (I just found my lunchtime hangout)

Loving it so far but the hard work starts on Monday so wish me luck!

The second crazy thing that happened to me was whilst killing time before my class I popped into Superdrug to buy a new Mascara. After selecting my mascara I headed to the checkout, where the cashier proceeded to pull out a random Max Factor mascara, place it down in front of me and declare “this is way better than that one”. I didn’t know what to say. “Ok.” I waited for her to process my items but she didn’t “And so?” I asked confused. “Well don’t you want it?” She looked at me like I was crazy. “No I’d like the one I’ve chosen, Thank You.” 

How odd. 


Movie Memorandum

Hi all. So as promised i’ll be reviewing a couple of movies I’ve seen in the last few months. Ok ok, so I may have seen one or two of these a while ago but I loved them, would love to see them again and therefore feel they deserve a place here in my Movie Memo.

I’ll be trying to upload one of these a month, with movies I love, new ones I have seen and movies I’d love to see!

Here we go…

These may not be in order of release but the first movie to mention is…. Dr Strange. This highly anticipated (at least by me) Marvel movie didn’t disappoint. Although the story at times became a little hard to follow the overall progress was smooth and the development was steady there weren’t the typical lulls of not much happening just to fill up plot time. The Special Effects were INSANE! As was the CGI of the parallel mirror world #mindblown. Needless to say I absolutely loved Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Strange, his calm and cool demeanour was chilling at times and perfectly brought Dr Strange’s character to life, his exterior of self-importance and arrogance was spectacular. He would work on his accent though.

Next up, Fantastic Beasts. This was my absolute favourite film of 2016. in a year where so much bad stuff happened at least I can say’ But they did release Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. #silverlinings

This film, the first of four, was an extremely welcome journey back into the world of magic, witches and wizards, good vs evil and of course as the title indicates Fantastic Magical Beasts. Our heroes this time are a team of 4 led by the good natured and gentle Newt Scamander played by the fabulous Eddie Redmayne. There are moments in this film of pure joy and others of incredible sophistication. I don’t want to release any spoilers for those of you who have not yet seen the movie but GO AND SEE IT! [I may write a blog just for this film to talk about how much i loved it my favourite bits and maybe to bounce out some ideas and discuss some fan theories.

Lastly is Suicide Squad. Whilst I did love this movie and it’s dreadful heroes, the actual villains were not as I imagined. I read the book first as is my rule and I am as yet undecided whether that was a wise decision, as in this case, the book was based on the movie. I loved the characterisation of all the key players and although I agree with many of the fans that Joker could have been given a larger part, I realise that this film was not about him. I enjoyed the DC comics revival and loved loved LOVED Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn as well as Will Smith and all the other members of the team. Looking forward to seeing them in future movies.

Hope you enjoyed this one… bit different eh…. well let me know in the comments below what you thought.

Until next time.


New Job, New Year, New Me

Well I suppose y’all have read a hundred blogs by now, all stating how the first of January, the start of a brand new year with the start of a fresh new self. A clean slate so to speak. The start of a new diet, health regime or fitness regime or the determination to indubitably (I’ve been reading to much Poirot) complete a never before achieved goal.

For me I’m hoping and praying this year WILL be a new start. I have just gained a promotion at work which will be a challenge in itself, not because of the greater responsibility, more or longer hours or anything like that. Simply because some of my colleagues are angry I’ve been given the post over, how should i put it, more seasoned candidates.

To be honest with you, I fully expected to hear ‘not right now, we don’t feel you have enough experience, but come back in a year or so’, that said i’m over the moon to have been given this opportunity.

Aside from accepting the challenge of this new role I want to try and become a better me this year.

Nothing too out there, yes, like everyone else on the planet I want to lose weight, that’s not New Years related that is an ongoing, permanent dream it seems, forever just out of reach. This going hand in hand with being fitter and healthier all around.

[Side note: if anyone has any insipirational tips or ideas on weight loss please do share in the comments below]

But simply put, my new years resolution is to try and spend more time, making time for the thinks that I love to do. Whether that’s reading, writing, photography or writing this blog, which you have all noticed I’m sure I am neglectful of.

We’ll see if I get there, this is a good start.

I know I still owe you a book club review and no I haven’t yet finished my Melissa Hill marathon, which is the reason for the delay. I’ll have a couple of movie reviews up soon. Book club reader: I’m working on it. #newyearresolution

I hope you all brought in the New Year in style, with people you love. Let me know your New Years Resolutions below.


Coming up…

Ok avid readers, the next book club for one will be a collection of books by Melissa Hill. A random selection of her work which I am eagerly devouring at the moment. 

In addition I will review the movie Dr Strange which I have been eagerly anticipating and will be viewing soon! 
In other news I have upgraded to the iPhone 6s which so far has wowed me with its large screen, yet it still fits easily in a pocket. It’s touchID #technologicalage. That said I have my doubts if someone wanted to steal my identity they would only need to catch me asleep and try all ten digits till my phone woke up…. potential issues to my mind. But hey we live in a technological age and one must keep up with the times (even though the iPhone 7 has come out so I’m still behind….shhhhh no one needs to know!) 

With that I’ll close and be back soon with the reviews promised! 


Austen and Tarantino

What a title and what a pair….

Welcome back to Book Club for one. With two more books to review I’ve had a fabulous weekend perusing the pages of fiction.

The first book to review this week is The Jane Austen Book Club written by Karen Joy Fowler. Normally I love everything Austen, this book however although not being as dull as some things I’ve drudged through, was quite disappointing. The plot was thin, without much direction, thrill or progression. While the characters were well thought out and their background explored the connection to Austen was vague, with the only inclusion being the minimal discussion during the ‘book club’.

My personal feelings on reading the blurb expected a more Austenesque feel to the relationships between the characters however I didn’t feel it was very Austen at all.

In short the book didn’t take me on a journey, I felt stationary all the way through and was still waiting for something to happen as I turned the final pages.

So onto book two. Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino.

My lord. This book should come with a Age 15 rating if not 18. It’s pretty vulgar language from start to finish, almost from page one the use of swears and foul imagery is prodigious. That said, in contrast with the Austen book club, there was a huge amount of content. In fact there were so many stories going on at once at times it became difficult to tell where we were in the story. I did find a good read though. If you like screen plays it is definitely a great story and if not it should be read with an open mind and a good imagination. I would also advise watching the film if you struggle with screenplays and it will help to follow the plot, a piece of advice I should have followed myself [despite my number one rule on NEVER watching a film before reading the book].

Two more books to follow soon.


Mystique & Mystery

Ah, book club. So I will be reviewing a couple of books every so often. Mainly this will work as a recommendation, if you are stuck for books to read I’m your gal! I’m cautious of revealing too much – SPOILERS! So a brief overview and my thought overall.

First up…. INFERNO!

Dan Brown is well known for his books and the movie’s based on his stories. The latest book to be turned in to film is Inferno.

Based across Europe the books starts in Italy in Florence with our hero Professor Robert Langdon having suffered amnesia. Not recalling how he ended up in Florence and finding himself tumbling into trouble he tries to retrace his steps to discover his reason for being there and to prevent potential disaster as it becomes clearer that there is a serious threat against the population.Langdon uses his knowledge of art history in a race against time to prevent a Dante fanatic from unleashing something sinister.

Now obviously I don’t want to ruin the ending for those of you who have yet to either read the book or wish to see the film, however I would like to comment on Brown’s excellent plot progression and the unexpected twists and turns make it an enticing read. It follows a similar line to Brown’s previous work but certainly stands up for itself as an excellent and thrilling read.


The second book I want to mention is Cage of Stars by Jacquelyn Mitchard. A dark look into the psyche of a 12 year old girl who finds her sisters murdered and their murderer sitting on the picnic table. It’s a haunting plot for anyone with siblings or young family members. The story follows the life of young Veronica Swan. Ronnie, as she prefers to be called, is the perfect daughter, the perfect older sister. A very mature young lady she is trusted by her parents to look after her two younger sisters and whilst babysitting, during a game of hide-and-seek, her younger sisters fell foul of a schizophrenic young man. A case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Ronnie comes out of her hiding place to find her sisters, one dying and one dead. This traumatic event stays with her and her family and the story captures the horror, the grief that this tragedy has caused.

A gripping and emotive read, it’s definitely a recommendation!


OK, so next book club will be on slightly more cheerful reads. The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler and a classic, Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino – I did say slightly…


Book Club for One…

Hey readers. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I’ve always been an avid reader and self proclaimed bookworm. When I was a child I used to go to the library take out my 10 book allocation, a further 5 or 6 on my mother’s card and then sit down at home with the stack of books on my right and read my way through them, steadily, without interruption, blocking out the world… ah those were the days.

These days unfortunately, whilst I still have a passion for books, time is limited and getting through them takes longer as I no longer have long blocks of time dedicated to nothing. Since this is the case I’d like to start a book reviewing book club for one.

This means I’ll read a book or two and then review them on here, for all to see. Feel free to send in comments, recommendations and questions.

First Book Club meeting is tomorrow night!

First books will be : Cage of Stars by Jacquelyn Mitchard

&                                    Inferno by Dan Brown


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