Me, I’m a person, a definite and classified homosapien, this is despite the face that I am a woman and not a man… But hey I’m being pedantic (see the literal translation of homosapien from Latin). 

A certified introvert until university when my introvert percentage dropped about 20% according to Jung and Myers… See the human metrics quiz on

Hobbies include books, books, music, books, reading, books, music, books… You get the idea.

Job: Fully qualified and registered staff nurse who is overworked and underpaid by the NHS but I still love my job… Really I do!

Family: crazy bunch of nutters…. Aren’t they all?! But I love them. Mostly. 

Friends: equally crazy (and you know it!)

And back to me… Genuine and unashamed nutter, qualified fruit-loop and mental case in severe need of psychiatric treatment for being odd, bizarre and a little bit whacky!

Th-th-th-That’s All Folks!