Ok ok Readers roll up, roll up for the greatest advice you will ever read!

Fathers Day. One of the most difficult days of gifting ever! Harder than the dad’s Birthday I find! But Fathers Day depending on the Father is a day that might not require as much celebration! So here are my tips for finding the perfect Fathers Day gift.

1) A classic dads gift for a reason, Aftershave. The perfect scent doesn’t have to cost Some ideas might be Nino Cerruti 1881 Homme or Paco Rabanne pour Homme. Or if you want something more high end there are some great scents from Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein.

2) If your Dad is a suit and tie kind of guy, your gift problem might be sorted right there. Ties and Cufflinks make great gifts. From the jokes ones to the sentimental you can find ties and cufflinks for anyone if you know where to look. For high end try Harvey Nichols, they have a great selection of cufflinks or from someone more on a budget you can get some lovely personalised or dad themed or classic cufflinks from high street stores like argos.

3) For the personal touch you could get a Photoframe, decorate it how you like with things you love to do with your dad and put a picture of the both of you inside. This is a more time consuming effort but the love behind the creativity (even if it end up a disaster) will show, and he’ll love it!

4) Speaking of personalised gifts you could get the classic best dad mug, or some variation. The king of cheesy gifts the best dad mug, but if your dad is a coffee aficionado you could pair this with some great coffee grounds or nespresso pods in his favourite flavour so bring some class.

5) For other personalised gifts you could go with the key ring, mouse mat or calendar efforts which can all be found online on sites like keepitpersonal.co.uk and photobox.co.uk both of which i have used before and can vouch for the reliability although for engraved items the arrival time can be a while.

6) The I.O.U. Ok hear me out. Bearing in mind i’m posting this just a couple of days before Fathers Day I realise if you are searching the net for answers a lot of these ideas might take some time to arrive in the post if you can’t get them in store. You can solve this little issue with a little I.O.U. I’m not talking about a scrap of paper that says hey dad I Owe You 1 Fathers Day Gift. I’m talking about taking 10 minutes to write on a nice piece of card Your Present Is In the Post but for Right Now Here Is A Hug and Lots of Love! Or something of the sort, use your imagination. Alternatively you can write a little Winning Ticket saying ‘You are entitled to one trip out, to a destination of your choice, free of charge’ or ‘You have won a meal at the restaurant of your choice with 3 courses included!’ Oh that should have been number 7!

8) If you know your Dad’s style there is always the Clothes option. A nice shirt, t-shirt or selection of accessories including the Man-Bag can make ideal gifts, and if they hate it they can always return it just leave on the labels!

9) Wine and Dine. Mentioned briefly above, a lot of Dad’s (and Mum’s) might not want the extra clutter of nick-nacks however sentimental added to the growing collection of stuff in the house. So this is a great alternative. Mealtime is family time right! So do it is style at your dad’s favourite restaurant with family around showering him with love. All men love food so it’s a win win.

10) Whiskey and Cigars. Whilst I do not condone acoholism or smoking, both are extremely bad for your health, most Dad’s do enjoy a little of one or the other or both. So if that’s the case with your dad buying him a nice bottle of his preferred beverage or a nice cigar might be the perfect gift him so I couldn’t leave it out.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you used any of my ideas and if they went down well! Add in your ideas in the comments section too!

Happy Fathers Day.