So for those of you teen beauty queens this post will not be something you relate to! For those of you who grew up without makeup and fancy beauty products or any beauty products like me, you might get what I’m talking about.

So as a nineties baby in a working class family, with parents who have strict morals I didn’t grow up having makeup. The closest I got was the cheap eyeshadow and sickly pink lip gloss you get out of magazines for kids that I started purchasing in high school feeling the need to catch up with my lost childhood. Star Girl and Top of the Pops magazine became my guilty pleasure as I purged them of their freebies and music/TV related posters that I proceeded to paste all over my bedroom walls. To give you some context this was me at 14 and 15. Not 10.

When I hit about 15 or 16 my sister started to supply me with make up. Her old mascara, eye shadows that she didn’t like or want anymore and soon I had built up a fair amount of make up that I had no idea how to apply.

And so 8 years later I’m still learning. With my main teachers being youtube guru’s like Zoe Sugg, AKA Zoella, Tanya Burr, Katerina Williams and many many more…

So now that I’m finally honing my skill I’ve taken to regular binges buying makeup products from everywhere and anywhere. My favourite high street store is definitely Superdrug as the prices are great, there are regular offers and I get to dip into loads of different make up styles without breaking the bank. I also like browsing the high end makeup counters like Charlotte Tilbury, M.A.C, Nars and many more but committing to that kind of purchase is a big deal for me, I have to know I love the product. My Birchbox subscription is another way I love finding new products.

I’ll try posting a few beauty posts and see how it goes. Maybe y’all can learn along with me. Let me know in the comments where you like to browse for new products, make-up, skincare or other beauty related items.