Hey all, and a merry merry Tuesday to you.

I have a puzzle for you, a conundrum, a mystery that I need help solving.

Today a friend and colleague  asked me a very interesting question… Do you have any ideas on what I can do in London?

Ok I thought, first off is this a solo outing or in a group, and second are we thinking touristy stuff or fun and frivolous? His response was that it was a solo outing and he wanted something fun.

Yeesh, did he come to the wrong person. As an anti-social individual and an introvert, my personal enjoyment in London is not what most would consider fun. I mean wandering round with my camera, following my arrow, as Kacey Musgraves likes to put it isn’t what most would jump up and down to spend a day doing. So I sent my little grey cells to work. Covent Garden! Ace there is one idea! It’s idyllic, quaint and quirky with a dash of class in the upmarket revenue. And with Jubilee Market on hand a rummage through some old books and nick-knacks can provide hours of fun.

But more ideas elude me. So I turned to google. A quick search later and I found this article…


Baffled… that was my reaction, aside from going to the cinema, all the activities advise joining group or attending group events. I mean adopting a dog for the day might seem like fun but it doesn’t really solve the what to do in London question.

So seeing that m