Hey there interweb…

So I’ve been out of the blogging zone for a while now. Whilst I’d like to say that being swept up by love and romance was the cause its more the opposite. The last few posts I published were about a boy, so here’s what happened after that.

We went on a couple of dates and although I was having a great time and thought things were going swimmingly, he obviously didn’t feel the same as he sent me a polite but blunt text saying I wasn’t what he was looking for, but in short ‘have a nice life’. Ouch. I’m not one to break down in a messy puddle of emotions after two dates so although it always hurts, I brushed myself off and carried on with life.

Believe it or not, I wrote out a couple of posts by hand over the week after that, not sappy break up posts either, I was travelling the world and gosh it was beautiful! Two sunny, splendid weeks in Croatia! …… where I met a boy.

Haha, here we go again. Well to me he was a lovely guy, who had the potential for something but whoever starts a relationship in another country is crazy! It just so happened we both hailed from London Town so I thought maybe back home. Unfortunately he was looking for more, so whilst I was being friendly he was assessing the relationship potential and found me lacking. His words being “you just don’t keep me in the moment enough” – whatever that means. That one hurt more.

So here I am back to reality (oops there goes gravity), and I didn’t know how to talk about it. I’m 23, I really don’t need to be whinging and whining about a boy so I. So do I ignore it, pretend it never happened, I mean nothing major did happen so really I could have done that. But for me, the experience has changed me as a person, so ultimately I decided to put it out there. Honesty right.

Have any of you ever had something you felt ashamed to talk about, even to admit to yourself. Liking the wrong person or having done something that you knew was wrong but did anyway (even something silly like eating that second doughnut.) Share down in the comments, maybe we can all get a little honest with ourselves and dump some of that stress.

This post has sure made me feel better.