I love people watching. I may have mentioned that before, but today I took great pleasure in sitting down on a bench, beside an epic ancient Bentley and observing people’s reactions. 

People are so interesting, from those who walked past it without a second glance, to those slowing down whilst driving past to get a better look. Then there were those who crossed the road to utter their admiration. Others chose to stand in the road risking getting run over to get that perfect insta! Some of my favourites were the man who leaned out the side of his van to turn and take a photo whilst his partner drove on, and the lady who walked passed did a full on double take, came back and uttered a drawn out ‘wow’. Other worthy mentions were the employee of budgens who exited the shop three times to take photos, his colleague who leaned proudly against the bodywork posing for the camera. And lastly, the little boy of no more than 4 who walked past with his little head twisted the wrong way for as long as he could, his little jaw open in a perfect O of awe. 

Better than any celebrity, people flocked out of nearby cafes and shops to take a photo of it standing proudly at the pavements edge. Groups clustered around admiring the gleam and shine of the fender and the perfect paintwork. They oh’ed and ah’ed pacing back and forth infront of it, admiring it from every angle. In a day and age where the thing people find most interesting is their mobile phone it was nice to find something that distracted people long enough to make them smile and appreciate a thing of beauty. 

So I’ll finish this off with a note of thanks to the owner of this fine vehicle for sharing it with the world, they gave a moment of happiness to an innumerable amount of people. So Thank You for driving this fine example of mechanical engineering instead of keeping it locked up in a garage for only your own viewing pleasure.