Ah the joy of that first encounter with a member of the opposite sex, the awkward introductions and then the slow venture into relaxation and jokes and general conversation…

I recently met a guy, our initial introduction was at a party via mutual friends and we talked the night away, so naturally I was interested in finding out a bit more about him. Here comes the tricky part, sort of. It’s easy enough to cyberstalk anyone these days and find out a little bit about a person but I’m not that creepy. Also his Facebook looks desperately out of use or else the privacy setting are super charged. But honestly I wanted to talk to him and get to know what he was like, so here comes the tricky part, how the heck do you do that, when you are me.

Personally I’m sick of waiting for the guy to ask me out, it’s been something that’s been engrained in me since I was kid, in all the movies and books and stories the guy asks the girl out, or comes over and guys her a drink or calls her, or gives her his number. Yes I can head you all screaming how that’s not true, and listing all the examples of the girls taking charge, but in truth in the majority of cases the guy is seen to be in charge. Having that idea in my head I’ve always waited. I mean there are other reasons, like not wanting to get my heart broken, worrying whether it’s one sided and so on. This is why I’ve reached 23 having been single all my life and I’m sick of it. 

So I took charge, I asked him out. 

He said yes.