Dearest readers. I haven’t had such an enjoyable day in so long that I simply have to share it with you! 

It’s been a day of intellectual challenge and development. A day of culture and beauty and a day to spend with my one and only Mum.

And off we go… Uni! It was tough and tricky and testing (like my use of alliteration there, if only I was studying English…) The human heart is so tough to understand sometimes, but this weeks work on AV blocks (something that breaks conduction from the top of the heart to the apex) is something I had some sort of grasp on already so whilst the mechanisms made my head hurt I kind of got it #fistpump

After class I headed over Waterloo Bridge, trying my very best to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment. The view is so spectacular on a clear day. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the Eye…I broke my break from coffee by purchasing a very fine cup from a Cafe Nero and headed towards Covent Garden to eat a picnic lunch! #sunshine

Oh boy I love Covent Garden! But I couldn’t stay forever, I had plans. So after browsing through the stalls I walked off towards Trafalgar Square. 

What a view. When you live in london I don’t think we appreciate how amazing of a city we live in. Nelsons column standing tall, there are so many people watching opportunities, people from all over come to see the square and snap a selfie with the lions. My main reason for the visit is the grand National Gallery that is situated at one end of the square. It houses some of the greats and after meeting up with mum we ventured inside and spent the afternoon with Monet, Renoir, Degas and Boticelli just to mention a few! There was an amazing new exhibit on loan from Hong Kong with the most amazing paintings of flowers I have ever seen! They looked so real! It was wonderful. Just time for a quick coffee with ma, before heading back home.

Nothing quite like it. Hope you all had a productive Monday!