It’s been a while dear readers! Your book club for one should be up later this week! For the first time it isn’t late cause I haven’t finished reading the books yet! I couldn’t put them down and finished reading weeks ago, in fact I’m making good headway on the next book club! But work commitment have meant no time to blog so I went MIA. Bad Blogger! 

Onto today’s motto! Motivational Monday! 

Ok so that’s always easier when Monday starts a week of holiday… #bigsmiles but every Monday is the start of a new week! A clean slate and an opportunity to be fabulous daaarlings! So whether your Monday starts a new week of school, a new week of work or a new week of shopping, holiday or anything else. Be sure to give it your best effort to make it a brilliant week! Work hard at whatever you do and don’t let anything. Get you down! 

And if your having a hard time feeling positive on this glorious Monday morning get on a great jam! Here are some suggestions:

Best day of my life – American Authors

Bring the House Down -S Club 7 (this one courtesy of Zoella) 

Work from Home – FifthHarmony

Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Roar – Katy Perry

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Walk This Way – Sugababes/Girls Aloud collaboration

Hey Ya – Outkast 

Brave – Sara Bareilles

From my Motivational Monday to you all!