Hey Bookworms. Welcome back to Book Club for One!

It’s been a while as it’s taken me an age and a day to finish my allotted books for this review. It comes from a busy work life and no playtime, so quiet time for reading is minimal. But finally I have finished my random selection of Melissa Hill and I have to say I LOVE HER BOOKS!

So I promised a random selection and I grabbed everything off the shelf in the library by her! Found out when I got home and read the blurbs properly that the third book was a sequel and neither of the other two was the first book so here are my reviews of: A Gift to Remember and The Guest List.

A gift to remember was an absolute page-turner. I loved the characters; Darcy and Aidan (love for anything Austen remember), the setting; Manhattan (one of my favourite places)and the plot; an enchanting romance after a chance encounter with a fabulous twist. Darcy is a loveable character, a bookworm¬†herself and hardheaded, so stubborn. She loves romance and is dreaming of her Mr Right, her very own Mr Darcy like in her favourite novels. That’s when a little ice, a dog and fate entwine her life with Aidan Harris. Whilst he is unconscious for the vast majority of the book Darcy’s takes the clues she has to try and figure out who her mystery man really is. A wonderful read, I really couldn’t put it down.

The second book I read was The Guest List. Ah, with the bar set so high from A Gift to Remember, I wasn’t sure this book would live up to the standard. However Melissa Hill once again created relatable characters with a gallon or two of family drama. This story, revolves around a couple in Ireland, Shane and Cara. Our romantic are very much in love and when Shane finally proposes (it’s very romantic) Cara of course says yes. But this is where the trouble starts, it feels as though every possible obstacle has befallen them, both sides of the family are angry at their plans to have a small wedding on a beautiful island in the Caribbean. With such upheaval and distress will our happy couple get their dream wedding??? Well of course I can’t tell you that, no spoilers, remember. But I can tell you this, there is a FABULOUS unexpected twist at the end that will have you screaming and your jaw on the floor.

In conclusion, Melissa Hill surely knows how to tell as story, she draws pictures in my mind as I’m reading and makes me fall into the story head first. Definitely up there with my favourite books of 2016.

Speak of which I’ll be posting a best reads of 2016 in the next week or so, and a new blog of my favourite things this month.

Anyhow, I’d recommend these reads to anyone who likes a little romance and light literature. Something to tug at the heart strings…

Next book club selection, will include a couple of Zoella’s Book Club picks: I Was Here by Gayle Forman and Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella and one of my one in the same theme All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (that one also made by top books of 2016, just by the by).

Please comment below any books suggestions for book club that you’d like me to review.

Hope you are all having a super weekend.