Well I suppose y’all have read a hundred blogs by now, all stating how the first of January, the start of a brand new year with the start of a fresh new self. A clean slate so to speak. The start of a new diet, health regime or fitness regime or the determination to indubitably (I’ve been reading to much Poirot) complete a never before achieved goal.

For me I’m hoping and praying this year WILL be a new start. I have just gained a promotion at work which will be a challenge in itself, not because of the greater responsibility, more or longer hours or anything like that. Simply because some of my colleagues are angry I’ve been given the post over, how should i put it, more seasoned candidates.

To be honest with you, I fully expected to hear ‘not right now, we don’t feel you have enough experience, but come back in a year or so’, that said i’m over the moon to have been given this opportunity.

Aside from accepting the challenge of this new role I want to try and become a better me this year.

Nothing too out there, yes, like everyone else on the planet I want to lose weight, that’s not New Years related that is an ongoing, permanent dream it seems, forever just out of reach. This going hand in hand with being fitter and healthier all around.

[Side note: if anyone has any insipirational tips or ideas on weight loss please do share in the comments below]

But simply put, my new years resolution is to try and spend more time, making time for the thinks that I love to do. Whether that’s reading, writing, photography or writing this blog, which you have all noticed I’m sure I am neglectful of.

We’ll see if I get there, this is a good start.

I know I still owe you a book club review and no I haven’t yet finished my Melissa Hill marathon, which is the reason for the delay. I’ll have a couple of movie reviews up soon. Book club reader: I’m working on it. #newyearresolution

I hope you all brought in the New Year in style, with people you love. Let me know your New Years Resolutions below.