Ok avid readers, the next book club for one will be a collection of books by Melissa Hill. A random selection of her work which I am eagerly devouring at the moment. 

In addition I will review the movie Dr Strange which I have been eagerly anticipating and will be viewing soon! 
In other news I have upgraded to the iPhone 6s which so far has wowed me with its large screen, yet it still fits easily in a pocket. It’s touchID #technologicalage. That said I have my doubts if someone wanted to steal my identity they would only need to catch me asleep and try all ten digits till my phone woke up…. potential issues to my mind. But hey we live in a technological age and one must keep up with the times (even though the iPhone 7 has come out so I’m still behind….shhhhh no one needs to know!) 

With that I’ll close and be back soon with the reviews promised!