What a title and what a pair….

Welcome back to Book Club for one. With two more books to review I’ve had a fabulous weekend perusing the pages of fiction.

The first book to review this week is The Jane Austen Book Club written by Karen Joy Fowler. Normally I love everything Austen, this book however although not being as dull as some things I’ve drudged through, was quite disappointing. The plot was thin, without much direction, thrill or progression. While the characters were well thought out and their background explored the connection to Austen was vague, with the only inclusion being the minimal discussion during the ‘book club’.

My personal feelings on reading the blurb expected a more Austenesque feel to the relationships between the characters however I didn’t feel it was very Austen at all.

In short the book didn’t take me on a journey, I felt stationary all the way through and was still waiting for something to happen as I turned the final pages.

So onto book two. Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino.

My lord. This book should come with a Age 15 rating if not 18. It’s pretty vulgar language from start to finish, almost from page one the use of swears and foul imagery is prodigious. That said, in contrast with the Austen book club, there was a huge amount of content. In fact there were so many stories going on at once at times it became difficult to tell where we were in the story. I did find a good read though. If you like screen plays it is definitely a great story and if not it should be read with an open mind and a good imagination. I would also advise watching the film if you struggle with screenplays and it will help to follow the plot, a piece of advice I should have followed myself [despite my number one rule on NEVER watching a film before reading the book].

Two more books to follow soon.