Maybe not so surprisingly, but when summer swings around wedding season bubbles up with a vengeance. The shear quantity of matrimonial ceremonies increases with such vigour that buying new outfits for each occasion becomes completely in feasible. And so the repeated sentiments of “You look lovely, is that new?” become null and void, morphing into “see you at the next wedding!”

Being an anti-socialite one of my favourite pastimes at weddings is finding a corner and people watching. Looking at the couples smooching in corners, gazing adoringly into each others eyes as the magic and romance of weddings overcomes them… Not me. Awkward conversations with people you don’t know, congratulating the family of the couple knowing they have no clue who you are, dancing with sweaty handed strangers and heeled giants whose favourite pastime is stomping on toes are what make wedding so magical for me. Yet I still love the romance, and the people watching.

Needless to say I’m glad winter is coming. 

In other news just hours away from picking up and leaving for NYC. Mostly packed and ready to go. Next blog will be from the airport and will hopefully include some photographic evidence of travelling.