You may have noticed the title of this post, now, apart from being an amazing lyric! It indicates the stress levels of my day!

It was one of those days where everything seems to be against you, leading you start off on the wrong footing. It’s not like you are ever going to have a good day when you alarms fail to wake you up (yes note the plural! I have four alarms set each morning). When I finally woke, after swearing loudly, leaping into clothes and grabbing food the next logical step is to leave the house… Cue a flashing neon arrow pointing to the title of this post…

I could not unlock the door. After ten minutes of fierce wiggling, jiggling and shouting and screaming, begging and pleading I did unlock the door but the delay meant I was late for work… Not a good start.

Now the dominoes had started falling I feel the need to explain just how dark my day got… 

During handover (the time when the night staff hand the information about patients to the day staff ‘ME’, my boss and mentor and all round ‘I want to be like you’ role model had a seizure. Then when I checked on my patients one of them had passed away.

You couldn’t make up sh*t like this. 

To brighten the blog and prevent the dark cloud of depression closing in I feel I must tell you my boss is fine now, and the elderly lady who passed was very ill and it was not unexpected just saddening. 

On a much more positive note, this dramatic shift over I am now officially on holiday! So let the packing begin in earnest and bring on the sunshine and New York City!