Be impressed. Beyond all beliefs my own included I have actually started packing a week ahead of time. In my defence it’s only because I am working three twelve hour shifts back to back over the next three days and then crashing out at my sisters at the weekend leaving me a total of Sunday, yup just Sunday to pack and do all the other pre trip cramming. It’s like exam season but with vacations.

As a nurse my top priority is of course a first aid kit, travel style which means I sadly have to leave my stethoscope, syringes and Sphygmomanometer at home… Mores the pity, but all the vitals (pardon the pun) are safely stowed in my case.

Still not sold on the packing a set of clothes in your hand luggage routine, I guess until you lose your luggage you don’t feel the necessity, might be jinxing myself here… “I think I’d better think it out again…”

So my to do list is written but most will have to wait till the weekend, for now I sign out proud that there is something in my suitcase…