With just seven days to go until I board a plane across the Atlantic the frantic countdown begins. For some people this is an enjoyable period full of excitement relaxation and the demonstration of finely honed organisational skills. For me it means a mad rush to cram everything I need into a case the night before flying, last minute shopping for necessities and scrambling around for lost items such as passports, credit cards, tickets chargers ect.

In an attempt to avoid the aforementioned traumatic experience I have started putting things aside for packing, these items total; an umbrella, a light summer coat and a handbag. SUCCESS! More importantly I have been busy sorting out music playlists for the trip! You need the perfect music for each magic moment on a holiday! So naturally I’ve uploaded most of music to an MP3 making note of the most important tunes…

When we land – Welcome To New York-Taylor Swift

Walking down 5th Avenue on the first evening in NYC can only mean one thing! Sinatra crooning New York, New York.

Top of the Empire State – Empire State of Mind – Alicia Keys

Plus my hits of the summer playlist of course!

Ah music brings such joy. Anyways enough rambling I better go and add some clothes to that packing pile.