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August 2015

Waist Deep in Weddings and White Stuff

Maybe not so surprisingly, but when summer swings around wedding season bubbles up with a vengeance. The shear quantity of matrimonial ceremonies increases with such vigour that buying new outfits for each occasion becomes completely in feasible. And so the repeated sentiments of “You look lovely, is that new?” become null and void, morphing into “see you at the next wedding!”

Being an anti-socialite one of my favourite pastimes at weddings is finding a corner and people watching. Looking at the couples smooching in corners, gazing adoringly into each others eyes as the magic and romance of weddings overcomes them… Not me. Awkward conversations with people you don’t know, congratulating the family of the couple knowing they have no clue who you are, dancing with sweaty handed strangers and heeled giants whose favourite pastime is stomping on toes are what make wedding so magical for me. Yet I still love the romance, and the people watching.

Needless to say I’m glad winter is coming. 

In other news just hours away from picking up and leaving for NYC. Mostly packed and ready to go. Next blog will be from the airport and will hopefully include some photographic evidence of travelling. 



Waging War with the Front Door

You may have noticed the title of this post, now, apart from being an amazing lyric! It indicates the stress levels of my day!

It was one of those days where everything seems to be against you, leading you start off on the wrong footing. It’s not like you are ever going to have a good day when you alarms fail to wake you up (yes note the plural! I have four alarms set each morning). When I finally woke, after swearing loudly, leaping into clothes and grabbing food the next logical step is to leave the house… Cue a flashing neon arrow pointing to the title of this post…

I could not unlock the door. After ten minutes of fierce wiggling, jiggling and shouting and screaming, begging and pleading I did unlock the door but the delay meant I was late for work… Not a good start.

Now the dominoes had started falling I feel the need to explain just how dark my day got… 

During handover (the time when the night staff hand the information about patients to the day staff ‘ME’, my boss and mentor and all round ‘I want to be like you’ role model had a seizure. Then when I checked on my patients one of them had passed away.

You couldn’t make up sh*t like this. 

To brighten the blog and prevent the dark cloud of depression closing in I feel I must tell you my boss is fine now, and the elderly lady who passed was very ill and it was not unexpected just saddening. 

On a much more positive note, this dramatic shift over I am now officially on holiday! So let the packing begin in earnest and bring on the sunshine and New York City!


Getting Ahead of Myself

Be impressed. Beyond all beliefs my own included I have actually started packing a week ahead of time. In my defence it’s only because I am working three twelve hour shifts back to back over the next three days and then crashing out at my sisters at the weekend leaving me a total of Sunday, yup just Sunday to pack and do all the other pre trip cramming. It’s like exam season but with vacations.

As a nurse my top priority is of course a first aid kit, travel style which means I sadly have to leave my stethoscope, syringes and Sphygmomanometer at home… Mores the pity, but all the vitals (pardon the pun) are safely stowed in my case.

Still not sold on the packing a set of clothes in your hand luggage routine, I guess until you lose your luggage you don’t feel the necessity, might be jinxing myself here… “I think I’d better think it out again…”

So my to do list is written but most will have to wait till the weekend, for now I sign out proud that there is something in my suitcase…


Countdown Crisis

With just seven days to go until I board a plane across the Atlantic the frantic countdown begins. For some people this is an enjoyable period full of excitement relaxation and the demonstration of finely honed organisational skills. For me it means a mad rush to cram everything I need into a case the night before flying, last minute shopping for necessities and scrambling around for lost items such as passports, credit cards, tickets chargers ect.

In an attempt to avoid the aforementioned traumatic experience I have started putting things aside for packing, these items total; an umbrella, a light summer coat and a handbag. SUCCESS! More importantly I have been busy sorting out music playlists for the trip! You need the perfect music for each magic moment on a holiday! So naturally I’ve uploaded most of music to an MP3 making note of the most important tunes…

When we land – Welcome To New York-Taylor Swift

Walking down 5th Avenue on the first evening in NYC can only mean one thing! Sinatra crooning New York, New York.

Top of the Empire State – Empire State of Mind – Alicia Keys

Plus my hits of the summer playlist of course!

Ah music brings such joy. Anyways enough rambling I better go and add some clothes to that packing pile.


Biting into the Big Apple

Its always exciting when you go exploring whether just beyond your doorstep or further afield. For me I’m stepping into the warm embrace of New York City with my faithful side-kick and always best friend Amalia. 

So here is a hand extended to you to join us as we explore. To join in the magical moments across the pond and to dive into our adventures with us!


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